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At Støtek, we always invest in emerging and cutting-edge technologies to ensure our future success and continuously strengthen our skills and capabilities in the production of our innovative furnaces.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but at Støtek, we always aspire to stay as relevant as possible within the industry. Continuously following the development and investing in new technologies and procedures will enable us to meet this innovative and future-oriented desire.

Here you can read more about the current technologies that we employ when manufacturing our furnaces and stay tuned for potential new technologies, that we invest in.


Boost dosing operations with our advanced pro-dose technology

At Støtek, our innovations are designed to elevate your operations. Below we will describe how our pro-dose technology helps us achieve that.

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Dosing unit technology

Why Choose Støtek Dosing Unit Technology? At Støtek, our vacuum and pressurized dosing unit technology sets a new standard in aluminum processing.

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