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Alumelter electric heated crucible furnace AME

Støtek introduces the DOSOTHERM® DTI — a cutting-edge dosing furnace that integrates precision dosing technology with immersion heating.

The AME belongs to the range of Støtek crucible furnaces for melting and holding aluminum.

It is a static, highly efficient, electrical furnace for both melting and holding aluminum. It is typically used as a bale-out furnace.

The separate control panel is designed for easy and simple operation.

Thyristors, efficient PID regulation, and high-quality heating elements provide for a minimum operating temperature with high energy efficiency and a long lifetime.

The robust and smart design makes it possible to replace the heating elements with a minimum of interruptions, also when the crucible is hot and filled with metal.

  • Crucible lift

  • Baffle plate for dividing the crucible

  • Pneumatic lid

  • Hydraulic lid

  • Week watch

  • Crucible break/leak alarm

  • Display and measurement of power consumption


  • Operational range from 100-1650 kg

  • Melting speed up to 360 kg/h

  • Stable and accurate metal temperature

  • Energy efficient with low shell temperature

  • Long lifetime

  • Easy operation

  • Emergency drain

Alumelter-Electric-AME (1)