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Støtek’s Environmental policy

At Støtek, we are dedicated to being an environmentally conscious partner, aiming for recognition from our customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, we adhere to the following environmental policies:


Promoting environmental responsibility

Our environmental policy is characterized by consciousness, credibility, logic, and functionality, emphasizing environmental considerations in purchasing our products.


Managing resource consumption and environmental impact

Throughout product development, from proposal to finished product, we prioritize managing resource consumption and minimizing environmental impacts.


Shared responsibility for environmental work

Every member of our organization considers environmental efforts a collective responsibility, fostering a shared commitment toward implementing new processes.


Assessment of environmental impacts

Before implementing new processes, we conduct thorough assessments of their environmental impact, ensuring responsible decision-making.


Environmental impact management

We actively manage and evaluate the environmental impact of our operations, striving to reduce energy consumption per furnace type and, where feasible, repurpose waste from our production.


Waste management and compliance

We ensure proper measurement and handling of all waste through collaborative agreements with relevant partners, remaining compliant with our binding commitments.


Continuous improvement and pollution prevention

Annually, we set new environmental goals and action plans, constantly seeking improvement initiatives to prevent pollution.


DS EN/ISO 14001 Compliance

We maintain an environmental control system in line with DS EN/ISO 14001 guidelines, ensuring it remains certifiable.