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Policy for personal data

At Støtek, safeguarding your data is a priority. Here's how we handle and protect your information:


Data Collection

We only collect pertinent personal data necessary for our operations and strictly adhere to all relevant regulations during the collection, processing, and usage of your information. Your data is retained only for the duration required by law or if it serves the purpose for which it was collected.


Information We Collect

For external partners and suppliers, we gather specific details: name, job title, email address, phone number, and limited cookie data from our website to enhance user experience and for marketing insights. Additionally, we maintain general employee information solely for salary processing.


Data Controller

The data controller oversees the correct collection, processing, and use of your data, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and social responsibilities towards our employees.


Purpose of Data Processing

We maintain the minimum necessary data to comply with Danish laws, and agreements, and uphold our social responsibilities to employees. This includes ensuring accurate contact information and using cookies on our website for targeted marketing and traffic analysis.


Protection of Personal Data

We have agreements with data processors to ensure their compliance with the latest regulations. Rest assured; we do not sell any personal information to third parties.


Your Rights

As a data subject, you have certain rights:

  • Access and correction of your data
  • Request for the deletion of your data
  • Complain with the Danish Data Protection Agency (

If you have concerns about our data processing, you can reach out to us at to exercise these rights or if you wish to restrict the processing of your data.