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Gas fired crucible furnace tilting (AMGT)

Støtek introduces the DOSOTHERM® DTI — a cutting-edge dosing furnace that integrates precision dosing technology with immersion heating.

The AMGT belongs to the range of Støtek crucible furnaces for melting and holding aluminum.

It is a highly efficient and gas-heated crucible furnace for melting and holding aluminum with a hydraulic tilting frame for easy and safe pouring of liquid metal. AMGT can be completely drained by tilting.

The efficient gas burner system from KromSchröder and its unique lining design guarantee an effective melting and holding process.

The AMGT control system is extremely accurate and efficient in regulating and controlling the melting speed and metal temperature.

It has the same high-quality and robust design of steel body, brick lining, and castable insulation that characterizes all our furnaces, ensuring reliable production for many years to come.

With a transfer launder, the AMGT is ideal for batch melting, filling transport ladles, or pouring directly into a Støtek dosing or holding furnace. Lip axis pouring with bearings in line with the spout ensures easy and safe pouring.



  • Operational range at 1000 kg

  • Melting speed up to 450 kg/h

  • Stable and accurate metal temperature

  • Energy efficient with low shell temperature

  • Display and measurement of power consumption
  • Long lifetime

  • Safe pouring

  • Crucible lift

  • Hydraulic lid

  • Week watch

  • Crucible break/leak alarm

  • Emergency drain
  • Platform

  • Easy operation
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