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Støtek’s quality policy


At Støtek we are dedicated to ensuring that our products, services, and delivery performance exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders. To achieve this, we uphold the following commitments:

  • Setting and continuously prioritizing both quantitative and qualitative quality goals, ensuring relevance and operational efficiency
  • Integrating quality into every stage of our processes and products, thereby implementing comprehensive quality management
  • Cultivating a culture where everyone in our organization shares the responsibility for maintaining high-quality standards
  • Driving our quality management system collaboratively across the organization with full support from our dedicated quality function
  • Equipping every team member with the necessary background and qualifications required for their roles
  • Continuously refining and enhancing the effectiveness of our quality management system
  • Establishing, visualizing, and adhering to goals and action plans through active management participation
  • Utilizing contemporary systems, equipment, and methodologies to ensure ongoing excellence


We communicate our commitment to quality through Isoware, sharing updates and system-related information through regular department and management meetings outlined in the Støtek meeting structure.