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Støtek Preheat Electric - PHE Electrical Preheat Furnace for Pump units

Støtek introduces the DOSOTHERM® DTI — a cutting-edge dosing furnace that integrates precision dosing technology with immersion heating.

The Støtek preheat electrical furnace stands out for its remarkable thermal efficiency and notably low shell temperature. Built with robustness in mind, it features a construction that includes brick lining and castable insulation.

Designed specifically for preheating Støtek pump wells of all sizes before their installation into any of our dosing furnaces, this preheated furnace offers exceptional suitability.

With its control system conveniently mounted on the furnace, this equipment is effortlessly portable within the foundry using a forklift.


  • Very high efficiency

  • Multiple layers of insulation

  • Very low shell temperature

  • Excellent lining life

  • Easy access for maintenance through cleaning door

  • Easy operation through the control panel

  • Solid state relay control

  • Very low maintenance