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Støtek Holding Furnace STI: Precision Immersion Heating

Støtek introduces the DOSOTHERM® DTI — a cutting-edge dosing furnace that integrates precision dosing technology with immersion heating.

Discover Støtek's STI, an electrical two-chamber holding furnace engineered for supreme aluminum handling.

  • Configurable options: Choose between STI's static frame or a tilting table for secure aluminum pouring

  • Holding capacity: Ranges from 1500 kg to 15,000 kg for various production needs

Innovative Immersion Heating
  • Exceptional efficiency: Renowned for its high efficiency and superior metal quality

  • Minimal oxidation: Immersion heating technology reduces metal oxidation by up to 95%, preserving metal quality

  • Extended element life: Ensures exceptional durability and extended heating element lifespan

Explore Støtek’s STI holding furnace—a pinnacle of immersion heating technology delivering precision, efficiency, and durability for your aluminum handling requirements.

Advantages of STØTEK's STI Furnaces

  • Precision control: Individual element control for accurate temperature management

  • Energy efficiency: Up to an 80% reduction in energy costs due to high efficiency

  • Easy maintenance: Convenient access through a cleaning door for hassle-free upkeep

  • Longevity: Prolonged lining refractory lifespan for sustained use

  • Insulation layers: Incorporates multiple insulation layers for optimal thermal efficiency

  • User-Friendly operation: Seamlessly operated through an intuitive control panel

  • Minimal upkeep: Requires low maintenance, optimizing operational efficiency