STØTEK TLT ladle & LH ladle heater
//STØTEK TLT ladle & LH ladle heater
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STØTEK TLT ladle & LH ladle heater

STØTEK TLT ladle & LH ladle heater is an intelligent, flexible, and energy-efficient choice when transporting liquid aluminum by either truck or crane. It has a capacity of up to 1.500 kg/Al.

The transport ladle is built with a robust welded steel construction containing layers of high efficiency thermal insulation to ensure a minimal drop in the metal temperature during transport.

Thanks to two hydraulic cylinders, the ladle is tiltable and can be operated from the truck.
When moved by crane, the ladle is designed with a hand gearbox for tilting.

Furthermore, the ladle can be fitted with an electric heating element in a lid system with separate temperature control to keep the ladle hot when not in use.


TLT Transport hydraulic tilting

  • Extremely high thermal effectiveness – temperature loss as low as 2°C/minute
  • Hydraulic tilting for quick connection Forklift truck
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Longer lifetime than corresponding ladles
  • Energy-efficiency

LH Ladle Heater

  • Separate Electric heating station
  • Energy efficient
  • Free standing with pneumatic lifting lid
  • Energy effective cost reduce
Models Capacity
TLT 250 250 kg/Al
TLT 350 350 kg/Al
TLT 400 400 kg/Al
TLT 650 650 kg/Al
TLT 1500 1500 kg/Al


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