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Shaft furnaces (SMGT) / (SMGS)

STØTEK SMGT & SMGS gas fired Shaft furnace is a fully automatic two chamber melting and holding furnace. The SMGT models has a melting capacity from 500 up to 3.000 kg/Al/h. and holding size from 1.500kg up to 12.000 kg/Al.

It is equipped standard with hydraulic tilting for easy and safe collection of the liquid metal.

STØTEK shaft furnaces are constructed with a very solid steel chassis and lined with high-quality refractory products who provide a long-life time.

The burner system for holding and melting section are separate system for giving an energy effective process. Especially the flat flame burner type in the holding section gives an optimal effect because this type of burner has no direct flame contact to the metal surface. Reduces metal burn of.

SMGT Shaft furnace has a full automatic charging system so that the shaft melting section can operate most effectively.

STØTEK always recommend a two to three times bigger holding capacity compared to the melting speed for providing a better metal quality and more flexible furnace. That also give a much more accurate metal temperature in the holding section.

STØTEK Shaft furnace can also be delivered in other models:

SMGS Shaft furnace with tap cone or with dip wells for possibility with dosing pump for direct metal dosing in to the casting mold.


  • Holding capacity ranging from 1.500 kg to 12.000 kg/Al.
  • Melting capacity ranging from 500 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h
  • High metal quality and minimum metal loss in the holding section, as there is no direct flame contact
  • Standard with hydraulic tilting system
  • Automatic charging system
  • Accurate metal temperature
  • Ergonomic design – easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimal energy consumption.
  • Special efficient burner system
  • Minimum of maintenance cost
  • Local customer support
Models melting speed Capacity
SMGT 0,7-1,5 700 kg Al/h 1500 kg Al
SMGT 0,8-2,0 800 kg Al/h 2000 kg Al
SMGT 1,0-3,0 1000 kg Al/h 3000 kg Al
SMGT 1,5-5,0 1500 kg Al/h 5000 kg Al


Lowest energy cost possible
Ensuring efficient process
Highest quality
of aluminium
Tech support
24 hours a day

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