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Alumelter gas dosing (AMGD)

STØTEK AMGD Alumelter-Dosing is an all-in-one gas heated crucible furnace for holding, melting and dosing aluminum. The furnace is equipped with a STØTEK dosing pump that is renowned for exact dosing (+/- 1 %), and doses up to 25 kg/Al per shot. AMGD has extremely effective melting speed with up to 450 kg/Al/h

The furnace ensures high metal quality, and is also perfect for special alloy containing sodium, strontium, or high quantities of magnesium.

Due to the furnace’s layers of high efficiency thermal insulation, it has a very low energy consumption.

STØTEK AMED all in one furnace has all the same benefit like DTE dosing furnace + that the AMGD also are a crucible melting and holding furnace. (Benefit like data from AMG furnace)


  • Melting and dosing in one furnace.
  • Impressive dosing accuracy <+/-1%
  • Unique design for special Alloys with high quantities of SR / MG.
  • Exact metal temperature
  • Energy-efficient – ensuring a minimum of 40 % lower energy consumptions than similar furnaces
  • Dosing weight from 1-25 kg/AL.
  • Digital PID controller ensures metal temperature regulation
  • PLC control allows up to 8 adjustments to the pouring speed
  • Metal filling from low height
Models Capacity Crucible Power Energy when holding Melt/hour
AMGD 650 650 kg Al BU750H750 320 kW 18 kWh 240 kg Al
AMGD 1200 1200 kg Al BU1800H1000 650 kW 30 kWh 460 kg Al


Lowest energy cost possible
Ensuring efficient process
Highest quality
of aluminium
Tech support
24 hours a day

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